Help contributors to find something to work on.

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@ -15,6 +15,20 @@ those users familiar with vim.
- If there are two colliding features we should pick the mightier one, or that
which need less code or resources.
## Find something to work on
If you are interested to contribute to vimb it's a good idea to check if
someone else is already working on. I would be a shame when you work was for
If you have some ideas how to improve vimb by new features or to simplify it.
Write an issue so that other contributors can comment/vote on it or help you
with it.
If you do not want to write code you are pretty welcome to update
[documentation][issue-doc] or to argue and vote for features and [request for
## Communication
If you want to discuss some feature or provide some suggestion that can't be
@ -89,3 +103,5 @@ This will compile and install vimb into the local _sandbox_ folder in the
project directory.
[mail]: "vimb - mailing list"