My dwm build customized heavily to integrate with xfce4
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dwm-xfce4: Customized dwm to integrate with the Xfce4 desktop

manpage is outdated, will look into it later. Check out config.h for keybindings and such

Patches and features

  • Integrates with xfce4-panel instead of dwm's top bar. Uses anybar
  • New layouts: bstack, fibonacci, deck, centered master and more. All bound to keys super+(shift+)t/y/u/i.
  • True fullscreen (super+f) and prevents focus shifting.
  • Windows can be made sticky (Super+Shift+s).
  • stacker: Move windows up the stack manually (Super-Shift-Left/Right).
  • shiftview: Cycle through tags (super+g/;).
  • vanitygaps: Gaps allowed across all layouts.
  • swallow patch: if a program run from a terminal would make it inoperable, it temporarily takes its place to save space.
  • tmux swallow patch: tmux is now also considered a terminal and can be swallowed. Thank you soystemd
  • tabbed swallows now, useful for vimb+tabbed and using my config (to be released) that bind Ctrl+n to open current page in alternate browser.
  • Most windows that shouldn't tile don't. Includes xfce4-settings, timeshift-gtk, xfce4-taskmanager, gnome-calculator, file-roller, xfburn, and all "wrapper-2.0" instances (xfce4-panel plugins and such)

Bugs and deficiencies

  • Cannot know which tag you are on because dwm's bar is hidden, need to find a way to display that on xfce4-panel
  • Clicking on the time to display the mini calendar view will cause windows to overlap with xfce4-panel, remedy with xfce4-panel -r
  • Mod+D which opens up WhiskerMenu may not work unless your mouse is hovering over the location of the menu, use Mod+Shift+D to use the regular Application Launcher.